We believe one of the best methods of player development is coach development and therefore recognise that both informal and formal coach education can play a significant role in keeping coaches progressive, engaging and effective in their delivery.

The Soccer Coaching Podcast discusses the key topics that impact on soccer coaching at the foundation and youth development phase in the hope of providing an informal source of coach education.

The podcast has two main aims;

  • Firstly, to engage with coaches and debate topics which are relevant and current in an attempt to continue to drive forward best coaching practice, and where possible provide information, material and ideas to support this.
  • Secondly, to try and help improve the experience for the young players who love to play the beautiful game by continuing to ask the question `is there a better way?`.

For us, coaching is a wonderful craft, built on a mix of science, art and experience.

Meet the hosts...

Scott Mowberry

Scott Mowberry-Soccer Coaching Podcast

I am a FA level 3 and Futsal level 1 coach currently coaching foundation phase players at a grassroots football club in Middlesex England.

My coaching philosophy is based on `serious fun` and trying to facilitate the right balance between players enjoying their football and wanting to train whilst challenging them enough to help them reach their full potential. I try to achieve this by creating a high intensity training and match environment that challenges the players cognitive and communication skills as much as it does their physical and technical abilities, whilst always remembering the importance of supporting the person first and the player second.

I know that striving to be a great coach isn’t about proving my knowledge but trying to expand it and continuously trying to improve my ability to deliver it.

Email: scott@thesoccercoachingpodcast.com

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards soccer coaching podcast

I have a passion for developing and enabling young players by creating an environment which is fun and inducive for learning. I am a firm believer in providing the players with lots of problem-solving opportunities through game-based learning. I also believe in more traditional methods when balanced with modern day thinking.

I am a coach at a grassroots club (based in Middlesex, England) and am mainly focused on the foundation phase age groups. I also coach at a Division 1 development centre.

I have qualified as a FA Level 1 and Level 2 license holder coupled with Futsal Level 1. I have played football all my life, albeit not to a high standard!

For my sins I have been enslaved as a Queen Park Rangers fan, from the age of 6!  I have been travelling home and away ever since. Both my sons are now loyal supporters! I am always striving to develop and improve!

Email: mark@thesoccercoachingpodcast.com